• I was referred by my friend to Healing Touch Physiotherapy Clinic as I was suffering from cervical disc prolapse and was advised surgery. Their accurate assessments and correct treatment protocols, backed up by their experience, all contributed to my speedy recovery from such a painful condition. Now I feel so happy and excited as I am out of surgery. I wish them all success.

    Mr. Ashok Kumar
    Director and Producer, Malayalam film industry

  • Having tried many other treatments for my knee pain and not finding much improvement I started coming to this clinic on my daughter's recommendation. They diagnosed my problem correctly and took me into the right track of treatment and I am so happy with the change they made in my life. I would definitely recommend Healing Touch Centre for Physiotherapy & Wellness to others who are in real need. Wishing the clinic all Success!!

    Mrs. Lethi Pillai  

  • 6 months of ups & downs, struggling with neck and shoulder pain, regular hospital visits and extravagance of medical melodramas. This was me before my brother took me here! From the very first conversation with these lovelies, I felt a philanthropical and passionate move, which gave me a trustful vow that “I will be back to track”. Good facilities, beyond words, which is worth mentioning and I am being good and back to track again!! Thanks for the support and thanks a lot for being there with me.

    Shikha Pai  
    IT Professional, ALAMY Tecknopark.

  • I was referred by my gynaecologist since I was having PCO with a target of 10 kg weight reduction in 3 months. After reaching Healing Touch Clinic, the exercise program, diet chart, time chart and the personal attention which I received was very special. I reduced 12 kg within the stipulated time frame. Thank you all for you tremendous support.

    Mrs. Priya