• Ergonomics

    Ergonomics in the study and application of optimal set up and lay out of work stations, car seat positions and home. It is an indispensable part of an organization as a whole and increasingly being applied by managers and designers to ensure maximum comfort, productivity and cost reduction as an end result. A good ergonomic lay-out even eliminates the possibility of potential injury and health problems thereby reducing the chances of long term disability. The idea is to minimize the risk of overexposures to various syndromes such as carpal tunnel, de quervain’s, low back pain , neck pain, shoulder pain and other posture related symptoms. At Healing Touch Physiotherapy and Wellness we have a solution for your ergonomic problems and there will be a team to assist you in implementing a recreational atmosphere be it your home, office or car.

    Our Nutrition and Diet Advisory

    A qualified Nutritionist and Dietician at Healing Touch Physiotherapy and Wellness educate you on the benefits of holistic nutrition and healthy food choices. It helps you feel better and healthier by improving your overall health by managing your weight and eating habits. Digestive problems like food intolerances and constipation are corrected. A special regime is suggested for diabetes patients and pregnant women. It includes a gestational diabetic diet. And finally it would be a grave omission if hypertension patients are left out. There is a menu for them too. Our professionals design a personalized program that combines a nutrient dense plan, exercise, stress management and emotional wellness. It is very scary to imagine the dreadful effects of today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, antibiotics and preservatives on the human body. It is quite imperative to understand the valuable role played by our nutritionist.